For those who are a little (or a lot) technically minded, here we list various products we make use of for ourselves and our clients.

Description Link Content
AntispamCleanTalk Keeps a site clean and protected at the login, comments, testimony and all contact forms. Captcha is no longer required. It even reaches over to our external Mailchimp forms.
Image OptimisationShort Pixel Awesome compression - So much better than Smush, Smush Pro and others. I regularly get over 61% improvement.
CRMZeroBS CRM Need a CRM that dovetails into WordPress? We use ZeroBS CRM
CollaborationG-Suite Standard and Not-for-Profits – Cloud based SaaS connectivity without the headache of an old fashioned ‘server closet’
HostingSiteground We use Siteground and receive excellent SLAs, performance and telephone support 24/7
Email NewslettersMailchimp Very popular and has heaps of cloud based connectivity tools, like Google Sheets and Zapier
Auto UpdatingMainWP Remote monitoring and updating – makes life easier
Online PaymentsPayPal Another awesome cloud based product
ThemesGenesis Genesis, the world's most popular WP Theme
Themes Wplook Wplook - Make complex themes used in a lot of our Client Sites
Cloud SoftwareSaaS You can read more about it on Wikipedia
ConnectivityZapier Awesome connectivity tool. Seamless, most of our clients have it working somewhere but don’t know it
run WordPress locally ServerPress Awesome tool that allows you to install and operate WordPress on your local Mac or PC


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